Carbon Taxes

States looking to Pass Pollution Credit Legislation to Fund Welfare & Kickbacks 

Report Confirms: Carbon Capture & Storage Not Magic Cure for Global Warming


Reasons to Oppose a Carbon Tax

H. Sterling Burnett, Climate Change Weekly

Earlier this month, the U.S. House of Representatives passed an anti-carbon-tax resolution – expressing concerns that a tax on carbon, applied to 85 percent of our nation’s energy, would be detrimental to the economy. Reports by the Congressional Budget Office and the National Association of Manufacturers reveals a carbon tax could eliminate 21 million jobs over the next 40 years. Additionally, CBO notes the tax would be highly regressive, harming the poorest American households the most. READ MORE

The Carbon Tax Scam
Alan Caruba, The Heartland Institute
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is vital to all life on Earth, but most particularly to every piece of vegetation that grows on it. Top climatologists tell me it plays a very small role, if any, in Earth’s climate or weather. Why would anyone expect a gas that represents 400 parts per million of all atmospheric gases, barely 0.04% of all atmospheric gases, to have the capacity to affect something as huge and dynamic as the weather or climate?


Research & Commentary: State Carbon Taxes

Taylor Smith, The Heartland Institute
Carbon tax proponents argue carbon dioxide is a “pollutant” and taxing emissions of it will reduce its harm. Heartland Institute President Joseph L. Bast, however, notes CO2 emissions are a “measure of energy use,” which is “the single most important input into our economy.” The carbon tax, essentially a tax on energy use, would do significant harm to the economy...READ MORE


New Study Shows Past Research On Rising Ocean Temps Built On Faulty Science

The Nazi Origins of Renewable Energy (and Global Warming)



Are Scientists Preparing for a FlipFlop Back to Global Cooling Predictions?
H. Sterling Burnett, The Philadelphia Inquirer
The global warming debate has reached a new, and chilling, level. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch reports discussing with the FBI pursuing legal action against companies, research institutions, and scientists who debate whether humans are causing catastrophic climate change. This is an unprecedented politicization of justice and attack on our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. READ MORE

Science Supports Public’s Rejection of Climate Change Hype
H. Sterling Burnett, Inside Sources
Heartland’s H. Sterling Burnett writes a devastating reply to sociologist Robert Brulle, who turned to the Washington Post on January 6 to continue his campaign to attribute the American public’s rejection of global warming alarmism to “the coordinated efforts of conservative foundations and fossil fuel corporations to promote this uncertainty.”  According to Burnett, “The main reason I don’t accept the so-called ‘consensus view’ on climate change is it violates the scientific method. Virtually every testable prediction made concerning the harmful impacts of climate change has been proven to be incorrect.” READ MORE


Who profits from a Green Energy Cartel?  The Secret Power Elite 

This also explains the need for Agenda 21 or 'sustainable development' to 'protect the environment')

Greenpeace Co-founder: Why I Am a Climate Change Skeptic
Patrick Moore, the Heartlander
“The IPCC’s followers have given us a vision of a world dying because of carbon-dioxide emissions. I say the Earth would be a lot deader with no carbon dioxide, and more of it will be a very positive factor in feeding the world. Let’s celebrate carbon dioxide.” READ MORE


How Many of the World's Poor Will Climate Alarmists Let Die?
H. Sterling Burnett, The Heartland Institute
Heartland research fellow H. Sterling Burnett wrote a stinging rebuke of global warming alarmists for the editorial page of Investor’s Business Daily, an article you simply have to read and forward to your friends. “‘How many people do you want to kill or let die?’ That's how I’m going to respond from now on to anyone who argues we should end or sharply restrict fossil fuel use to prevent global warming,” Burnett writes. READ MORE

Someone Tell the Record Polar Ice Cap It Should Be Melting

James M. Taylor, The Heartland Institute
The Southern Hemisphere polar ice cap for the month of April 2014 surpassed its greatest April extent in recorded history. Ironically, the record Antarctic ice extent occurred as global warming alarmists released a paper claiming recent global warming has now made it inevitable that Antarctica will lose its ice cap nearly...1,000 years from now. The establishment media has given the alarmist paper extensive and uncritical press coverage, even though objective scientists have pointed out glaring flaws in the paper...READ MORE
Isaac Orr, The Heartland Institute
Erosion is a problem that persists to this day, and it’s responsible for dust storms, mudslides, and sinkholes. Fortunately, plants in forests, grasslands, and everywhere else set roots in the soil and help the soil stay put, and plants around the globe are getting a boost from increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere...READ MORE

Fox News: NIPCC Report ‘Poking Very Large Holes’ in Climate Alarmist ‘Consensus’
Jim Lakely, The Heartland Institute
As many of you know, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) was in Washington, DC this week to release Climate Change Reconsidered II: Biological ImpactsWe are pleased to call your attention to coverage we received Wednesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier,” the Fox News Channel’s flagship 6 p.m. ET news program. Heartland President Joe Bast said, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”...READ MORE


Jessica Chasmar, The Washington Times
Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore told the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works there is no scientific evidence that humans are the primary cause of recent global warming. Moore also noted global warming is occurring at a modest pace and does not seriously threaten human welfare regardless of its cause.

The Real Purpose Behind Global Warming



Proof that organic chemistry is hard for everyone, not just pre-meds: A paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society was retracted after the structures of compounds being studied were misassigned.  Another study by author Doo Ok Jang, also in JACS, was retracted in 2013 for the same reason; you can read our coverage here. Jang and Sang Yoon Kim published that one in 2008; the paper we're talking about today was published in 2010 by Jang and Sung Jun Kim. {Of course, you can be assured that science's global warming claims are spot on, right? - Ed}

Harvard stem cell scientist Vacanti taking leave in wake of STAP retractions


Charles Vacanti, a Harvard anesthesiologist and stem cell pioneer whose name appeared on both retracted STAP stem cell papers, is giving up his post as chair of anesthesiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and taking a year-long sabbatical.

Science Journal Pulls 60 Papers in Peer-Review Fraud

Retractions appear in case of former Kansas water scientist rebuked for misconduct

Faulty model forces rapid retraction of paper on sea ice and climate change 

'Gremlins' caused errors in climate change paper showing gains from global warming

The author of a controversial 2009 article, "The Economic Effects of Climate Change" written by Richard Tol of the University of Sussex, argued that at least some amount of global warming could lead to economic gains has corrected the paper, along with a later article in a different journal.  The paper references: "As one example, climate change affects human mortality and migration. The size of the population is therefore endogenous to the decision on emission abatement. See Blackorby and Donaldson (1984)" The author then indicates that "In this approach, estimates of the “physical effects” of climate change are obtained one by one from natural sciencepapers, which in turn may be based on some combination of climate models.." Computer models that have not been validated. 
The 2009 article, appeared in the Journal of Economic Perspectives and been cited 91 times, according to Thomson Scientificâ's Web of Science.
Here's the abstract:  Read the rest of this entry 


Emily Zanotti, Washington Examiner

The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council, and even the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been misleading the public and even committing serious crimes to pad their payrolls and build huge cash accounts. The Sierra Club is on Charity Navigator’s “watch list” after a series of deceptive practices. READ MORE


Taxpayers on a Green Hook

Russell Cook, for Somewhat Reasonable

“The main pillar of support for the notion that humans are causing a dangerous warming of the climate has been the notion of ‘settled science,’” writes Russell Cook at Heartland’s blog, Somewhat Reasonable. That notion has long been questioned by skeptic scientists, but “the secondary pillar of support for the alarmist global warming theory has been the notion that industry-corrupted skeptics are unworthy of public consideration. This accusation could easily have been investigated and refuted long ago. That never happened, because of the third pillar: Journalists should not give equal time to skeptic scientists.” READ MORE


Green Group Under Scrutiny for Trespassing, Harassment at Woman’s Farm


More GREEN Scamming:The failure of Fisker Automotive in Delaware, took state taxpayers' money to create green jobs but has yet to produce a single car in the state. The $21.5 million in grants and loans is unlikely to be repaid, and state taxpayers have covered $400,000 in electric bills the company has yet to pay. Also: