EXCLUSIVE: Wind Energy War On The High Plains


In this exclusive report, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver exposes the explicit fraud, deception and outright criminality behind wind energy and how it may be used to run rural communities off their properties as part of a major land grab effort in concert with Agenda 21.

Millie Weaver starts off asking people who live and work in Kansas City, KS what they know about green energy and industrial wind farms. Not surprising, city people virtue signal their liberal support for industrial wind energy, dogmatizing it as a viable solution to the alleged problem of “climate change” without much thought...MORE



Wind Energy to Pay Own Way Under Proposed Oklahoma Budget


Kathy Hoekstra, Environment & Climate News
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) has proposed ending subsidies for wind-energy producers and instead taxing them to reduce the state’s budget gap. Wind-energy producers in Oklahoma may soon have to give money to the state instead of taking it, leveling a playing field critics say has been unfair for far too long. READ MORE


1st US Offshore Wind Turbine Breaks Before It Even Opened For Business


    Costs $300 million to build five turbines



Wind Farms cause climate change

Wind turbines are touted as efficient pollution free means of generating electricity.  However, the produce ozone during operation and are subject to catching fire because of mechancial failure and particularly vulnerable during electrical storms. 

A wind turbine near Dalry and Ardrossan in North Ayrshire caught fire during Scotland's extreme weather on Dec 8th 2011. Filmed by producer and cameraman James Alcock.


Whooping Cranes threatened by Prolideration of Wind Farms