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BLM has removed reference to Oregon Energy LLC (formerly Uranium One) from site documentation

Date: 02/11/2018 | By: DA


Since this article appears on your website, I wanted to make someone aware that BLM has removed the reference to Oregon Energy LLC (formerly Uranium One) from the documentation on BLM.gov.

The article you have posted quotes directly from the website and if you look today the reference to Uranium One has been removed. Yes, it says Oregon Energy, LLC. However, it use to say this:

"Uranium on BLM-Administered Lands in OR/WA
In September 2011, a representative from Oregon Energy, L.L.C. (formally Uranium One), met with local citizens, and county and state officials, to discuss the possibility of opening a uranium oxide ("yellowcake") mine in southern Malheur County in southeastern Oregon. Oregon Energy is interested in developing a 17-Claim parcel of land known as the Aurora Project through an open pit mining method. Besides the mine, there would be a mill for processing. The claim area occupies about 450 acres and is also referred to as the "New U" uranium claims."

The reference to "(formerly Uranium One)'' was removed from the text in the last few months. I have looked at that page many over the last 2 years and have copied and pasted the above paragraph many times. I thought it strange that the reference has been there on the website for at least 2 years that I know of has been removed.

Now, with an investigation into the sale of Uranium One, why would someone go back and edit to remove that reference? Something to think about...

Changing My Password

Date: 01/07/2018 | By: Rebecca

How do I change my site generated password to one of my own choosing?

Re: Changing My Password

Date: 01/23/2018 | By: Editor

I'm waiting on a response from the ISP. Will post it to you when I know.

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