Recycling  - Maybe Not all It was Touted to Be


E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PCs and Selling Them

In The Land Of The Free, Recycling Can Land You In Prison If You’re From Out Of Town

Solid Waste Solutions


The Pennsylvania Electric Homer City Unit 3 typically consumes approximately 1,600,000 tons of compliance coal per year.  The plant purchases approximately 75% of this coal from one supplier and that coal is blended at a coal blending facility owned by the supplier. The remainder of the coal needed for Unit 3 is obtained in the spot market. -  Subsequent Unit 3 equipment improvements are not modeled and model architecture has been adjusted so fuel combustion operations are closer to Homer City’s original commissioning.

Material and energy balance data for Homer City Unit 3 confirming validity of model predictions of lower emissions combusting engineered fuels.  The article has been published at the International Journal of Science and Engineering URL:

Industrial fluidized bed boilers can accomodate higher fuel moisture contents than utility boilers and are well suited to burning solid municipal wastes including sewage sludge.

Be sure and ask the EPA and its climate modelers for the model validation data that justifies their global warming predictions before trusting in their conclusions.

Researchers accidently find industrial waste, orange peel material sucks mercury out of water