New Benchmarks for Turbine Efficiency


The thorium-turbine powered car.

Heat energy from the thorium – a weakly radioactive element (the radioactivity could be blocked with nothing but aluminum foil) that is estimated to be three to four times more naturally abundant than uranium and which contains 20 million times the energy as an equivalent lump of coal – is used to generate steam, which is then used to power a small turbine, which provides the motive force. The beauty of the system is that – like a nuclear submarine – the fuel lasts almost forever. Well, longer than you will last, probably.  How’s 100 years sound? And, No emissions at all...MORE


Steam power is the solution to the gasoline crisis, offering economy, speed and low cost. Don't look for steam cars at your local automobile dealer, it's not in the interests of either the banks or the oil companies.  Steam Motor Vehicles.