Boston Globe celebrates Transgender 'summer camp' for kids

09/14/2012 09:59

by Mass Resistance


Thanks to the unrelenting media propaganda machine, most of America sees the homosexual and transgender movement as relatively benign.  Most people don't know a fraction of what's really happening, particularly regarding children.  If you disagree, you're supporting suicide say activists.

Transgender Summer camp for Kids celebrated on front page of the Boston Globe

The relentless campaign to promote and normalize homosexuality -- and now cross-dressing and transgenderism -- for children is gaining speed in the media. These are things that are really happening. They are at the same time frightening and heartbreaking to watch and read about.

On Sunday, Sept. 2, the Boston Globe featured a front-page article about a "groundbreaking" summer camp in Connecticut for "transgender" and cross-dressing children. According to the article, several of these children are being given drugs to delay their puberty so that they can have "successful" sex-change surgery. Some girls have already had their breasts surgically removed, and some have been taking male hormones to help grow facial hair, etc., according to the article. It's all presented as completely normal.

Big splash: Front page and full inside page of Sunday Boston Globe.


The Globe reporter appears to have worked with various national homosexual organizations. There are references to GLSEN and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation, but (as is common) no counterpoint from any conservative voices.

Thus, the implication throughout the article - also fairly common - is that unless one supports this, one is supporting children committing suicide. In fact, the opposite is the case.

It is very frightening. The article begins saying:

Only when you see tags around campers' necks, with the words "(HE)" or "(SHE)" under their names, do you realize something's different here. It is the only camp of its kind in the country, a camp for transgender kids, where idle chatter on sports, music, school, and teenage crushes blends right in with talk about "coming out," "transitioning," puberty blockers - and bullying.

For example, the article casually describes a 15-year old girl named Damien: Damien, like some of the others, had been on hormone blockers to keep the estrogen at bay and last year started taking testosterone.

Cruel experiment. The girls are really boys and the boys are really girls.


According to the article, the camp was founded by Nick Teich, a female who dresses as a male. She volunteered at a charity camp for years, but when she decided to "become" a man they felt it would not be good for the children to see, and wouldn't let her back. "It took me months to get over my serious anger," she told the Globe. (Serious anger is a common thread when society doesn't conform to the desires of the homosexual/transgender movement.) Then she decided to form a transgender summer camp for kids.

The Boston Globe article downplays the idea -- officially held by the mental health profession -- that these children have a mental and emotional disorder that should be treated. Instead, catering to these predilictions the only option presented to avoid having the child attempt suicide.  And drugs, hormones, and surgery are the preferred approach.

The article goes on to say:

Society has long stigmatized transgenderism; it is included in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - though many physicians and psychologists disagree with that designation.

"People demonize these kids," said Teich. "But this is who they are. The other choice for many of them is going to be suicide."

Most of the campers are on medication for anxiety and depression, he said, and "100 percent are bullied back home." According to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, nearly half of transgender youth have seriously contemplated suicide, and one quarter report having made an attempt.

The article is even more confusing because it uses the male/female nouns and pronouns with no regard to actual biology.

About half of the campers identify as girls, the other half as boys.

They will tell you they knew from their earliest years that they were assigned the wrong birth gender. At camp, the adolescent girls - born boys - look like girls: clear faces, some budding hips, nail polish, earrings, pony tails, shaved legs, bras. The boys -- born girls -- look like boys: baggy shorts, T-shirts, the occasional hat, some stubble.

But some are "in between," Teich said. These "gender-variant" kids are not quite sure where they fit in. Like the teenager who's a boy at home but at camp can get his nails polished and carry a purse. Or the little girl who feels -- and looks -- like a boy but hasn't yet started to live as one.

"Gender isn't always as cut and dried as people think," said Teich.

If the kids are self-conscious anywhere at camp, it may be at the pool. Gender-reassignment surgery, if they choose it, is not done until at least age 18. At Aranu'tiq, campers are allowed to wear what they please in the pool.

The girls tend to wear bikini tops with shorts or little skirts, while the boys wear knee-length swim trunks but leave their T-shirts on. Some, Teich said, wear a binder to flatten their chests. The few who have had chest surgery display bare chests - with horizontal scars.
   [Yes, you read that right: Girls who have already had their breasts surgically removed so they could "become" boys.]

      Read the entire Boston Globe article HERE.

Needless to say, the camp anthem is Lady Gaga's "Born this way."

The camp opened in Connecticut in 2010. This year the founder opened up a West Coast branch in California. So . . . look for this to spread around the country.

MassResistance fights back on National Public Radio affiliate

In May, 2010, just as the camp was getting ready to open, the Boston affiliate of National Public Radio did a "puff piece" promotion of the transgender camp. The show featured Barney Frank, who was raising money for it, child sex-change specialist Dr. Norman Spack, (see below), camp counselors, and others. But in the interest of balance they also called Brian Camenker of MassResistance.

It was an upbeat, positive piece until Camenker was asked to comment -- about two-thirds of the way through.  He basically poured cold water all over it, describing what they were doing to children as "madness," "extremely fringe" and worse, as most people probably would have.  Needless to say, it didn't go over too well.

AUDIO: Listen to the program HERE.

Parents buy into the horrible agenda

If there's anything that really angers us, it's the attitude of the children's' parents. They have completely bought into the propaganda from the homosexual/ transgender movement. And their kids are the ones who will ultimately suffer for it.

[Damien's] mother said the camp has changed her son's [NOTE: actually a girl] life. "It saves kids' lives," says his mother, Tori, who is now on the board of directors of [the Connecticut camp]. "It's the one place on this Earth that he can relax and be just like any other kid - to romp and play without judgment or ridicule."

Playing games with childrens' minds

How bad is even the discussion of "transgenderism" for children's mental health? Last year the California Legislature was discussing a bill to require schools to discuss transgenderism.

Renowned child psychologist Dr. Miriam Grossman gave this powerful testimony before the California State Senate on how the subject affects children's' minds. (Note the rude way she was treated by the committee chairman.)

VIDEO: Dr. Miriam Grossman's testimony to California Legislature on dangers of teaching children about transgenderism and sex-changes.

Chilling testimony from an ex-transgender

There are very moving success stories of people who successfully recovered from gender identity disorder. But when people continue to indulge these predilections with hormones and ultimately surgery, the rate of depression, mental illness, and suicide is enormous.

Last year, ex-transgender Walt Heyer presented testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature on his first-hand experience of the horrors of sex-change surgery. The medical profession has failed to properly follow up on post-operative patients or to report on the apparent bad results, including depression and suicide, as reported by Walt Heyer in his book, "Paper Genders."

READ ex-transgender Walt Heyer's testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature on the horrors of sex-change surgery.