The Silence of the Media (Updated*)

06/29/2016 08:35

by Wayne Flaherty


There is an almost weekly outpouring of evidence that Hillary Clinton has once again lied. A regular FOX NEWS contributor recently commented, "Hillary Clinton lies every time she opens her mouth. I actually believe she does not know the difference between a lie and the truth." In spite of a constant barrage of evidence of her lies, the major networks say nothing. They report nothing. They defend Hillary every time a new report about her lies comes out or new evidence of her lies becomes public.


Executives like Les Moonves of CBS, Channing Dungey of ABC, and Steve Burke of NBC must surely know what their respective networks are doing. This continued whitewashing of the Clinton image grows tiresome to the American Public. Not only is it tiresome, it is insulting to anyone who sees the growing mountain of evidence. A few examples illustrate their bias.

  • Even as the bodies of the Benghazi victims were being delivered to their families, Hillary Clinton continued to propagate the lie that a video was the cause of the fatal attack.
  • Hillary Clinton ignored 600 requests from our people in Benghazi for more and better security. She lied by claiming she could have done nothing more to assist them.
  • Hillary Clinton lied repeatedly about her private email server, claiming it was approved. State department reports state that they never gave any such approval.
  • Hillary Clinton lied when she said she ran for cover under a hail of gunfire as she landed in Libya. Videos of her landing show her being greeted by a group of young girls who presented her with flowers. There was no gunfire.
  • The list goes on and the mountain of evidence about Hillary Clinton's lies continues to grow.

Why won't the major networks face up to Hillary Clinton's lies. Why won't they admit she is a pathological liar? Why won't they at least report the facts as they appear in the public record? If you have an answer or even a theory about it I would love to hear it. Somebody out there may know why but I can find no reason for the silence of the media.


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