The New Jew is the American Christian

02/08/2013 10:45

by Carl F. Worden


I really wish the news media had used the same tactics they used in response to the Newtown, CT shooting after the United States Government barbecued 60+ adults and 20+ children at Waco with an assault that wasn't even necessary.  There were no hostages facing imminent death from captors.  There was no imminent need at all, in fact.  They just did it. And right after they did it, Attorney General Janet Reno took full responsibility, except she was never held accountable, just as Hillary Clinton took full responsibility for failing to protect the U.S. Embassy personnel in Benghazi, Libya.  Both slime balls simply retired with full pay and benefits.  Now that's what I call taking full responsibility!

The FBI Hostage Rescue Team used fully automatic M-16s and sniper rifles at Waco, just as the same weapons were used by the same Hostage Rescue Team at Ruby Ridge to murder a mother armed with nothing more than her 10 month old suckling child. The FBI sniper who deliberately shot Vicky Weaver in the head was Lon Horiuchi, and he was initially charged with manslaughter by the Idaho authorities, charges which were dropped after a convenient change in district attorney.  It is assumed Horiuchi is also enjoying a nice, comfy retirement.

The only thing worse than an armed madman trapping a bunch of kids in a classroom and killing them at will, is a tyrannical government trapping a bunch of citizens in a nation with no ability to defend themselves.  Just ask the German Jews and the Russian and Chinese dissidents, some 65 million human beings were murdered in just those three government purges alone.  Oh, but that can't happen here, right?  What about Waco?  That did happen here, you d___ fools!

The new Jew is the American Christian.  Just as the Nazi Germans used the media to vilify the German Jews, eventually passing laws that declared Jews to be sub-human and therefore legal to kill, the American media has been steadily vivifying American Christians for their stand on abortion, their opposition to Socialism, their home-schooling and their intolerance for homosexuals.  Oh, and also their unreasonable stand on guns nobody needs to use for hunting or self-defense.  Contrary to what one moronic talking head was allowed to repeat on national news, the Nazi Germans didn't disarm only the Jews; they disarmed all the German citizens as well.  After all, you can't take a chance some guy like Schindler would show compassion for the Jews' plight and help them to escape the slaughter!  No, if you are intent on controlling and eventually murdering people, you've got to make certain nobody in your little kingdom has firearms, because otherwise, you might get shot at yourself, and that just wouldn't do.

You stupid anti-gun nuts don't have a clue: The government of the United States, as defined by the Constitution of the United States, has been overthrown.  What makes this situation even worse is that there is no defining document to replace the Constitution in order to reflect what's going on in Washington DC.  In other words, the government of the United States is simply flying by the seat of its pants now.  Wars are being fought with no congressional declaration, The Attorney General gets hit for contempt of Congress, but nobody can or will do anything to remove him. The President spends our money like a drunken teenager with a credit card, and with no congressional approval, but nobody can or will do anything to stop him. The President orders ICE not to deport illegal aliens in direct violation of existing law, yet again, nobody can or will begin impeachment proceedings against him.  I could go on and on with this, but most of my regular readers already know this, and the liberals flat don't care because they are overwhelmingly of the attitude that the 'ends justify the means'.  If this nation is ever going to recover back to the rule of law, we already know Congress won't act and that leaves it up to us citizens to stop it.

Which brings us full circle back to the gun control issue the federal government is trying to force through.  Look, the Democrats who run the United States Government know full well that military-style, semi-automatic weapons are not the weapons of choice criminals use.  Those happen to be handguns, and FBI statistics clearly prove that, so why are the feds so intent on disarming the citizens of these military-style weapons?  A lot of well-meaning Americans are wasting their time and money right now appealing to their representatives, joining or financing the NRA, signing petitions, and all the malarkey that normally works to sway the politicians to their way of thinking, but this time it isn't going to work, no matter what we're being told about the unlikelihood of a gun ban being passed.  (If you recall, they told us ObamaCare never had a chance, either)

The reason those efforts won't work this time is because the feds know full well that an economic collapse of the United States is inevitable now, and that when it occurs the civil revolt that is certain to follow will be violent and bloody enough to eventually result in the complete overthrow of Washington DC. This is why they are barely able to conceal their desperation, knowing many American citizens are arming themselves to the teeth, and more importantly, the same citizens are quietly forming into new militia groups all over the United States in preparation for that economic collapse.  If I were one of the treasonous criminals in Washington DC, trying to separate the citizens from the same or similar guns as my military and police are currently armed with would certainly be my first order of business, and that explains why they are so concerned about those specific guns right now instead of jobs and the economy. These people are not stupid at all, but they are evil,
and that also explains why they jumped all over the Newtown shooting. They don't give a rat's rump about 20 little children being killed, because if they did, the architects of the Waco and Ruby Ridge genocides would all be in federal prison right now.  Stop listening to what people say and pay solid attention to what they do:  That will tell you everything.

People who lack wisdom invariably have no clue about human nature. They do not understand that no matter what a person says, the only way to accurately assess another person is to watch what they do. President Obama has told so many whoppers that I change channels whenever I so much as hear his voice, because if his lips are moving, he is either lying or deceiving!  All anyone needs to do to understand what Barack Obama stands for, is to look at what he does and has done.  If Obama says he supports the Second Amendment, you know for certain he doesn't.  Obama claimed to support the idea of Medical Marijuana, then he unleashed the DEA to bust medical marijuana farms. Obama claimed he would never raise taxes on the middle class, then raised taxes on the middle class!  Good GRIEF, you stupid liberals: How much more proof do you need?  Obama is as much a threat to you liberals as he is to this nation, but you just don't know it yet.

What all Americans need to be doing right now is preparing for the worst. You need to get organized into militia groups, you need to standardize the kind of ammunition and weapons you carry, and you need to be able to respond immediately to any threat posed by government agents to your fellow citizens. You need to avoid any communication between you that requires electricity.  (Yes, it can be done because we of the Southern Oregon Militia have perfected it, and no, I'm not going to divulge how.) You all need to stockpile water filters, rice and beans, because if a voluntary turn-in of weapons doesn't work, the feds will use food deprivation to take them from you. You need to be mentally prepared to understand that this time, you are probably going to have to kill in order to protect yourselves and your communities from rampant crime and federal government intervention.  If your own law enforcers turn against you, you know what you are going to have to do, and anyone you capture who worked to take your arms away needs to receive a fair trial for treason, and if convicted, they must be executed forthwith.

If you still don't quite know what's going on, let me explain it this way: This nation has been overthrown in a bloodless coup (so far). The only thing that stands between the ultimate goal of the evil ones and the traditional American way of life is the American citizen armed with a gun. That is why they are going for the semi-automatic rifles with high capacity magazines instead of the handguns that are used in most crimes. That is why you can never allow your firearms to be registered, and that is why we will have to strike first before they move us into a checkmate position.

You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is!