Open Letter to the FOX Network

02/16/2017 10:04

by Wayne Flaherty


Dear FOX Network


 Why don't you get rid of Juan Williams? He contributes nothing except the same old tired Democrat clichés he spouts every time he opens his mouth. He doesn't belong on FOX. He belongs with one of Hillary Clinton's media. You know, NBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN.


I suggest you trade him to the Clinton News Network (CNN) for a pound of birdseed and a parrot to be named later. Name the parrot Juan and in 30 minutes you can teach him to speak like Williams. "Aaawk, Democrats good, Republicans bad, aaawk." When anyone wants a dissenting opinion, they can turn to the parrot and ask, "What do you think, Juan?  Aaawk, Democrats good, Republicans bad, aaawk"


Take whatever salary you currently pay Williams and donate it to the Institute for Pathological Liars who can spend the rest of its days trying to cure Hillary Clinton. You got rid of Roger Aisles, now get rid of Williams.