Occupy Wallstreet Movement funded by George Soros

05/11/2012 10:28

by Staff

The occupy movement seemed to be a protest in favor of President Obama's social and economic policies. Zucotti park became the focal point for the protest. But, the park is not owned by the city of New York  It is owned by Brookfield Properties a Canadian company with assets of 70 billion.  

Brookfield states it's corporate responsibility as three fold:

1. Environment & Sustainability
2. Living Our Values: Community Engagement and Brookfield’s Arts & Events Program
3. People: Fostering a Culture of Employee Volunteerism

Sustainability is the buzzword for the UN's Agenda 21 sustainable development program. Why is the US Taxpayer guaranteeing a loan to a VERY wealthy Canadian company!? 

Brookfield Asset Management received an Obama Department of Energy Loan guarantee of over $160 million within 10 days of approving the takeover of the Park.  And, who was just hired by Brookfield Properties as an attorney? Vice President Joe Biden's son.  Mayor Bloomberg's girlfriend is apparently on the Broofield board of properties.

Truth or Fiction reports: "Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's unnamed girlfriend in the eRumor is said to be Diana L. Taylor, a managing director at Wolfensohn & Company  and currently sits on the board of Brookfield Properties.   A September 30, 2010  article in the New York Times reporting on her criticism of President Obama noted her relationship with Mayor Bloomberg."

The occupy protest is essentially taking place on private property owned by a member of the global financial consortium and funded by 'The Alliance for Social Justice of which Soros funds.



Michael Savage reports that Scytl has acquired SOE elections, a US elections processing company, recently acquired by SCYTL a holdings company located in SPAIN. Soros is rumored to have involvement with SCTYL. {Also See Michael Savage Film Report this site - Ed.}

The biggest contributor to Obama, the puppeteer - George Soros. George Soros: The Wizard of Evil

The Soros political tentacles reach ever farther into American society. Lead 411 lists the Kansas Farmer's Service Association along with George Soros 'Open Society.'  'Linked-In' is part of the NARUS surveillance network.