No Room for WHINOS:

04/16/2012 08:42

by Mass Resistance
Samuel Adams
 Rev. Scott Lively answers back!

As the establishment's screeds against the rally raced over the Internet, on the radio, and elsewhere, Rev. Scott Lively answered back with this hard-hitting message on Friday. It was quickly embraced by the supporters of the rally and has been widely linked to and re-posted:

No Room for WHINOS in the Tea Party Movement

First we got RINOs, now it's WHINOS, so-called conservatives who whine about being criticized by the leftist media on social issues. There's a handful of WHINOs making a stink about my participation in the upcoming April 15th rally on the Boston Common, because they're afraid my Biblical views on homosexuality will "taint the movement." Well I have news for these WHINOs. I haven't backed down from the liberals. I'm certainly not going to back down from you.

My family's roots in this region go back to the 1600s, and my ancestors were among those who pledged "their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" for the cause of freedom. If this movement which takes its name from those men of true courage allows itself to be stampeded by an increasingly toothless "mainstream media," it might as well give up and go home.

As for me, I will stand firmly on ALL the values of the Founding Fathers, not just the ones the Boston will tolerate. And like the Founders, I will be true to those values whether I win or lose political battles, because without them there is nothing left worth fighting for.

Pastor Scott Lively
Springfield, MA

We couldn't say it any better.

However, Brian Camenker of MassResistance did respond with the following in an email to state Tea Party leaders, regarding "fiscal" issues only being discussed:

I would suggest that those Tea Party critics take a look at some of the things that their TAX MONEY has been paying for in the public schools. The "Fistgate" tapes. The "Little Black Book". The annual taxpayer sponsored "transgender" events for kids, where kids are brought to mingle with adult men wearing women's clothes, and adult men involved with S&M and other interesting behaviors. The "anal sex" pamphlets and material given to kids at state-sponsored events. And there's a LOT more I could mention, but can't really without making a lot of people sick.

As Thomas Jefferson talked about, I'd like to know what good it is to be able to earn money if it's going to be taxed and have this happen to people's kids?

The response by Tea Party leaders was overwhelmingly positive.