New York Assembly Speaker Denies Americans Energy Choices

12/29/2014 09:00

by Allen Williams


Recently, I received an email from New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver citing environmental issues for the state of New York's renewed moratorium on fracking.  Fracking uses high pressure liquid to fracture shale and deep rock formations to enhance the recovery of underground oil and gas.

Speaker Silver doesn't state any real health concerns associated with fracking, he simply makes general noises that New Yorker's are environmentally at risk as the oil and gas industry profits. He claims:

"As part of my deep and continuing commitment to the health and safety of all my fellow New Yorkers, I have helped pass in the Assembly, on several occasions, a moratorium on the controversial gas-drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing, or "hydrofracking."  I am strongly opposed to risking the health of New Yorkers or the environment for the profits of the oil and gas industry."

There are inherent risks to everything one does, there is no 100% safe process anywhere.  But, fracking threatens the special interest profitability that has blossomed under the earlier Obama Administration stimulus efforts and its continuing war on fossil fuels. While that's not to suggest that there aren't any environmental issues with the water supply from fracking but rather that they are of far less significance to public health and the environment than Monsanto's unrestricted Genetically Modified Corn and other seed stocks, abortifacient and pharmaceutical products making their way into the water supply via sewage treatment (which doesn't remove them) and hydrocarbon contamination from the nation's vehicles and road salt entering the freshwater system via the storm water drainage system.  Not to mention the toxic materials from interred municipal waste seeping into groundwater from the state's various landfills.  Unless you can demonstrate with incontrovertible hard evidence that fracking is a greater risk than the aforementioned items, then the motivation for banning fracking is purely political.  But Silver continues:

"This ban will help protect the water we drink, the air we breathe and the quality of life in communities throughout our state. I am proud of the hard work we have all done in ensuring that we will be safe from the potentially harmful effects of hydrofracking."

Nonsense and pure propaganda!  Hard Work? Not likely.. and fracking releases less airborne contaminants than the NY State Assembly during a spirited debate. Fracking is far less threatening to your life than being apprehended by the cops for selling untaxed cigarettes on a New York sidewalk and it's much less dangerous than a surgical abortion in an NYC clinic.

Cheap oil and gas prices are not wanted by the financial interests that control and drive American government. It hurts lender's returns on investment because non-fossil sources like battery, wind and solar generating devices, are far more expensive to put into general service use. Coincidentally, these financial interests make significant contributions to political candidates from the various grants they receive. But most importantly, nothing must interfere with abortion, i.e. applied eugenics, the nation's blood sacrifice to the great environmental god, so that 'mother earth' may finally be rid of the scourge of mankind.

Perhaps, the state of New York might better address its environmental concerns by reducing municipal waste in the state's land fills by combusting that waste to produce useful power. Sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions can be significantly reduced in burning engineered fuel and landfills may be recovered for other uses. "Municipal Waste can be made into fuel pellets with combustion performance comparable to coal. 50% municipal waste blended with an equal amount of shredded tires can reduce Utility fuel costs nearly 40%."  SOURCE:

Mr. Siver's reasons for opposing fracking serve the desires of special interests who wish to deprive America of cheap energy and the economic freedom that accompanies it.  "Choice' in their world only entitles one to murder their unborn child.