Medical Threats Posed by Obamacare


"Every year in the US, correctly prescribed, FDA approved medical drugs kill 106,000 people. Thus, every decade, these drugs kill more than a MILLION people."


Warning: Enrolling in Obamacare allows government to link your IP addr with your Name, SS Number and web surfing habits…

Medical Kidnapping of Seniors: A $273 BILLION Industry

How the Elderly Lose Their Rights. Guardians can sell the assets and control the lives of senior citizens without their consent—and reap a profit from it.


Man says he’s been forced out of his home and into a care facility against his will

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. — Plucked out of his own home, and deemed incompetent to care for himself, that’s what a Platte County man said happened to him. John Flentie, 73, and his attorney say it happened, despite doctors proving otherwise. This all started in 2012 when Flentie was admitted to the hospital several times after falling at his home and hitting his head. Now he lives at a care facility, he says against his will.  “These rooms are smaller than the master bathroom at my house,” he said. After he fell for the third time, the Department of Social Services was called. They looked at his house and said he appeared to be a hoarder, along with other health problems, which have been disputed. Documents say that’s when the Platte County public administrator began the process to become his guardian and conservator, giving them control of his care and his money. Flentie’s appeals attorney, Jonathan Sternberg, tells us his court appointed lawyer did not follow due process.

Vaccine Extremist Pediatricians Want Child Protective Services to Remove Children from Parents Who Object to Vaccines


Dannenfelser: Single-Payer Authoritarians Led to Charlie Gard Situation


Massachusetts Senior Citizen and Attorney Medically Kidnapped – Estate Plundered – Represents National Epidemic

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Welcome to Obamacare RyanCare Obamacare Light..RINO CARE 20xx


Single-Payer Health Care Is Only Good for Government, Not the People It Serves

What does the term “single-payer” even mean? It’s inside-the-Beltway jargon used to describe a government monopoly over health care. How can it be good for anyone to give the government control over health care? Doctors and hospitals can only be paid what the single-payer, government monopoly decides they should be paid. There would be no one else a doctor or hospital could turn to in order to maintain a first-rate health care facility. The single-payer government monopoly would even have the power to decide what health care doctors and hospitals could provide. READ MORE


'Quality' of ACA health plans up for debate
 As the open enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act draws near, many Americans are once again facing difficult healthcare decisions. Many are hoping that with a new president in the White House, the Affordable Care Act will be replaced – but as it stands now, ObamaCare is still in place.

Shamelessly Uninsured Self-Pay Patients Pay Themselves
Michael Hamilton, Consumer Power Report

Nothing wipes the smile off the face of a doctor’s office receptionist faster than a patient proudly stating he has no insurance. But there’s no reason to frown. Heartland’s Michael Hamilton belongs to a growing minority of Americans who eschew traditional and inefficient insurance plans to become self-pay patients. Hamilton explains the benefits – for both consumers and health care providers – of going the self-pay route. LEARN MORE


Report: Vets' disability claims ended up in shred bins

Obamacare: Why Washington wants your medical file

"I want to cover everybody. Now the truth is unless you have what is called a single-payer system in which everyone's automatically covered, you're probably not going to reach every single individual." - Barrack Obama, July 22, 2009.  If that's true why did he exempt Congress from his plan?


UNFPA: Children Have Right to Sex, Drugs, Abortion to Reduce Population

Things the White House Doesn't Want you to Know About Obamacare

Hospitals Killing Centers for Obamacare Ebola Patients


Obamacre's Final Solution: Death by Dehydration

The Hippocratic Oath no longer applies under Obamacare, i.e. that is to do no harm: 



Brain Surgery Patient's Obamacare Plan Denies Meds, Drops Doctors

Do not let any hospital admit you with the words, “Under Observation.”  Insist on being admitted as an “In-Patient” designation.  Otherwise, you  will be responsible for the hospital expenses.

Planned Parenthood (American Eugenics)

PP execs raking in six-figure salaries

PP execs raking in six-figure salaries

[Pro-Life] According to an examination of federal data on non-profits, Planned Parenthood – the recipient of $500 million in taxpayer money annually – is pulling in enough profit to pay its executives some incredible salaries.




DARPA Black OPs to Implant Microschips into US Troops


When President Obama on Tuesday highlighted 19 executive actions he says he is taking to improve the mental health of U.S. troops and veterans, one of them centered on a particularly novel effort: The development of new computer chips designed to modulate the nervous system to help with everything from arthritis to post-traumatic stress.



An artist’s rendering explains the ElectRX program in development with the help of the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. (Courtesy DARPA)


The project is headed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency   [], a Pentagon agency that develops a variety of high-tech equipment for the U.S. military. It’s known as the Electrical Prescriptions program, or ElectRx (pronounced “electrics”). Program officials say the goal is to develop a technology that could help people heal more quickly through the use of biosensors and electromagnetic devices that control human organs...Article Continues on Washington Post