US Government instructed employees to humiliate the public over political disputes

10/31/2013 09:25

by Jason Richards

The situation sparked by the recwnt government shut down was getting ridiculous. And very frustrating.

Recent reports talk about a governmental directive asking governmental employees to “make life as hard as possible” for people who want to access public services. This statement was made but a few days ago by a park ranger, who claimed he was instructed to treat people bad in an attempt to make the shut down seem much more serious than it was.  Simply put, a huge army of government workers and a lot of vehicles, barricades and other logistics are being used by the government to scare people off sites of national relevance. And the way they are doing this is just despicable. Here are some examples.

- The government closed down a number of national monuments and other institutions, but Obama kept his army of gourmet chefs at the White House on payroll. He needs his fancy food.

- The loan system for small businesses was closed, while the gyms serving the Congress have been labeled as “essential”
and are still open;

- Cancer treatments for terminally ill children have been closed, but the IRS continues to collect taxes from us. As we mentioned before, the government collected almost a billion dollars more in taxes than last year, in the same interval;

- Many public locations across the country have been closed, affecting traffic and the life of people living in the vicinity.

An elderly couple was forced out of their house during the shut down for “security reasons”. How soon they’ll be able to return home? Nobody knows.

- Obama actually wants to close down THE OCEAN, namely a huge strip off the coast of Florida, and stop fishing boats from traveling into the area. I wonder how much will this costs?

- In Yellowstone, a group of international tourists, including persons from Japan, Australia and Canada, was captured on October 1st (first day of shut down) and held under armed guard until the situation was cleared.

As more and more commentators talk about “Gestapo tactics” used by the current administration against its own people,
one can only ask: how much humiliation are we willing to take? And why are they doing this to us, when so many things are going wrong anyway in this country?

The shut down is apparently “over”, as Obama and his opponents came to an agreement. As far as I’m concerned, the way this government treated people is unforgivable and should go down as a clear sign of a total breakdown between the state and the people.