Sociopaths in Government..

01/24/2013 09:30

For many years I have been unhappy with political leadership at all levels. I believed that Liberals or Socialists were in positions of authority because Conservatives like me did not want to run the government. I had, and still have, no desire to run other people’s lives. I just want the government to leave me alone to run my life as I see fit – a condition that leaves the field wide open for those who seek power over others.

Lately, a term has cropped up in various writings that describe those who yearn for power over the lives of others. They are called Sociopaths. While I was previously unable to label them I now recognize their actions as the same as what I used to call Liberals or Socialists. A few of their characteristic traits are:

         A complete lack of conscience. (the end justifies the means)
         A feeling of superiority over others. (I know what’s best for you)
         A lack of responsibility for anything. (it’s always someone else’s fault)
         Their own desires are more important than anyone else’s. (naturally since they are smarter than you and me)
         They do not recognize property rights. (They will tax you and give it to someone who needs or deserves it)

It is little wonder that Sociopaths gravitate toward government positions for that is where they can achieve their greatest success – especially at the federal level. The government is also the only place where they can have their power backed up at gunpoint. As George Washington warned the colonists, “Government is not reason. It is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Government also supplies Sociopaths with another of their basic needs – lack of responsibility for their actions. When was the last time you heard of a federal government official being sentenced to prison for some crime associated with their job? When the federal government (we taxpayers) assumed the debts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, those in charge were allowed to retire with gigantic bonuses and generous retirement benefits. Three of them are now highly paid members of the Obama reelection team.

The rich tolerate Sociopaths in government because they benefit directly from a financially incestuous relationship with that government. Huge campaign contributions result in direct money grants and favorable treatment for them and their companies. The poor not only tolerate Sociopaths – they depend on them. When you have little or nothing naturally you will vote for the person most likely to provide you sustenance without work. The middle class also depends on the Sociopaths to provide just enough support to enable them to avoid moving down to the poverty class. How many retirees could maintain their current standard of living without Social Security or Medicare?

One final note: The last stage of a government overrun by Sociopaths is to turn on its own citizens when failed policies lead to some huge catastrophe. Sociopaths have already rendered the American constitution merely a historical document. By so doing, the Sociopaths can now force Americans to do their will whenever they please. If you don’t believe it, look at what just happened in Libya. An American was jailed for creating a video picturing Muslims in a negative light. The government claimed that the video resulted in riots causing the deaths of four Americans. The claim has been proven false as the attack was recorded and exposed as a well orchestrated and coordinated military style operation. The American remains in jail and government officials, including president Barrack Obama, have refused to accept responsibility for their failure to send assistance.

Face it; we are in the clutches of Sociopaths with no hope for someone to ride to our rescue. We are on the brink of financial chaos as the Sociopaths have buried us so deep in debt that we have absolutely no hope of paying our federal debts. Inflation is already hard at work in America and will only get worse. God willing, the spirit that led our forefathers to victory over the greatest army in the world still lives in enough individual Americans that we can survive the coming storm.

I beg you to take steps to protect yourself – while you still can.

* * *