Senate Preparing to Push Houston Bathroom Ordinance on All 50 States

11/19/2015 12:30

by Allen Williams


The US Senate is looking to force Mayor Annise Parker's Bathroom ordinance on all 50 states. Yes, you read that right, desiring privacy in a public restroom among one's own gender is considered discrimination. One News Now notes that "The Equality Act would give homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, trangender, and "gender noncomforming people" access to "places of public accommodations,"  Lambda Legal, a pro-homosexual legal organization, admits on its website. "And it does not make any exception for facilities in which there's a normal expectation of privacy from the opposite sex such as restrooms, locker rooms and showers."  Isn't this really 'over the top'?

Oh, but it gets better as Breitbart reports: "The feds have ruled that the presence of a twig-and-berries in the girls’ locker room has been mandated by Title IX of the Civil Rights Act. Yes, ladies and gents and non-cisgenders: it turns out that the battle against sexism enshrined in the ill-written Title IX was actually intended to force underage young women to look at the penises and testicles of mentally ill boys."  It appears that mental illness screening should begin in the federal government..and very soon!


What Houston's supposed Bathroom (Houston Equal Rights Ordinance) act did was force 99% of the population to allow members of the opposite sex who believe they're really another gender to be in the same restroom facilities and showers to avoid the appearance of 'discrimination'.  There's nothing equal about an ordinance that forces acceptance of something the majority finds offensive under the color of authority.  What happened to the 'right of privacy' we usually hear from the press but now strangely silent for the other 99%?

How is wanting privacy in one's personal hygiene considered discriminatory? Never mind the nonsense about believing you're the opposite sex despite your bodily attributes. One's sex is not determined by 'mental state', at least not among the rational.  Inforwars reports: "Camille Paglia said on the Brazilian television program Roda Viva. “You can define yourself as a trans man, or a trans woman, as one of these new gradations along the scale, but ultimately, every single cell in the human body, the DNA in that cell, remains coded for your biological birth.” “ So there are a lot of lies being propagated at the present moment, which I think is not in anyone’s best interest.”"

No kidding! The lies about trans gendered individuals being discriminated against are intended to disrupt and redefine the family to create a population shift. Despite the bizarre gender options concocted by Facebook, there are only two sexes, male and female. Forcing the public to entertain members of the opposite sex in public restrooms and education facilities is a recipe for disaster. It's only a matter of time before some trans gendered male assaults a young girl or woman, if allowed into the opposite sex's facilities. The incidence of violence in the gay community is a well established fact, with lesbians having the highest domestic violence rate, as one Lesbian murdered her lover because she dressed in sweats


The Bathroom gender ordinance isn't about non-discrimination, equality, fairness or tolerance. It's a gay mafia set on domination.  Gays are huge contributors to both political parties and they demand something in return. And, if the quid pro quo favors violates everyone else's privacy rights and discriminates against them, well that's just too bad. 'After the Ball' set the psychological and political plan into motion forr homosexual dominance. Deceit and subterfuge are used to push these untoward social polices on the public and where that has failed, a friendly judge or court has been sought out to overturn the voted will of the people.

The gay mafia has set out to punish those who believe in traditional marriage and values with a vengeance, seeking government fines for all who refuse to celebrate their nuptials and lifestyle, ruining peoples lives for adhering to their personal values. Something the news media would never tolerate, if the same standard was applied to them. The most recent victim was Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis jailed for refusing to marry a homosexual couple. Court intervention in social constructs is a violation of the US 10th Amendment. When a public vote occurs gay issues lose so the right to choose must be removed from the public.


Wake-up America! The push towards 'gay rights' is just another mechanism to restrict the first amendment's free exercise clause and institutionalize political correctness.  If you don't have the right to live out your beliefs then there is no freedom. It's just another path to totalitarian rule.