Raising rainbow flag over Boston City Hall

06/10/2013 10:25

by Mass Resistance

We've said it before: The rest of America should pay attention to what's happening in places like Massachusetts. This could be your future, too, if you're not vigilant.

"Gay Pride Week" in Boston began on Friday, May 31 with a rainbow flag ceremony at Boston City Hall.  It lasts through Sunday, June 9.

Celebrating a week of obscene perversion

The Red Sox have been around long enough to know that "Pride Week" in Boston is a hideous, obscene, and outright disgusting display of perverse activities. (Plus, in recent years, more young people have been drawn in through Boston Pride's management of Massachusetts Youth Pride every May.)

And the Boston Red Sox organization are not only going to celebrate it at their ballpark, but will be financially supporting it from their ticket sales.

Here are just a few PUBLIC examples from past  Boston "Gay Pride Week" activities that the Red Sox are supporting (Note: This does not include things we simply can't publish in an email). [Photos by MassResistance]

In an outrageous show of anti-family radicalism, the Boston Red Sox are celebrating Gay "Pride Night" at Fenway Park at their June 6h home game with the Texas Rangers. This is an official celebration of "Gay Pride Week" (going on now) and the Red Sox will be donating money to support the week's "gay" events.

According to the official "Pride Week" website, the Red Sox are partnering with the Boston Pride Committee, and this is an "official 2013 Pride Event."  Furthermore, during the game, Boston's "LGBT community will be recognized." The Boston Red Sox will have a special "gay" section in the grandstand and will  donate a percentage of the proceeds that night to Boston Pride. In an effort to involve more young people. the Red Sox flyer on this was handed out at the LGBT Youth Pride event on May 18.

According to a Red Sox staffer we spoke to, "gay" basketball player Jason Collins will be throwing out the first pitch that night.

Not the first time the Red Sox have supported homosexual activism

This not the first time that the Red Sox have supported the homosexual movement, although it's the most blatant and outrageous to date.

In 2009, the Red Sox created a video -- featuring the manager and some players -- supporting the "It Gets Better" homosexual program enticing troubled kids, founded by a lewd anti-Christian bigot named Dan Savage, which among other things leads kids to pornographic "gay" books.

After a flood of calls from angry people, the Red Sox eventually removed the video from their website. They need even MORE calls this time.

CONTACT the Red Sox and LET THEM KNOW how you feel:

     CALL the Red Sox office:    877-733-7699 ext 4 (Fan Services)

     CONTACT the Red Sox through their website