The President's War on Women..

06/07/2012 09:30

by American Life League


Judie Brown, president and co-founder of American Life League, issued the following statement regarding President Obama supporting the defeat of PRENDA (Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act).   PRENDA, H.R. 1541 was introduced by Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ).  It's purpose was to outlaw "sex selection" abortions, that is, abortions that specifically and primarily kill pre-born baby girls because of their gender.  


"As a pro-life American I am astounded at the audacity of the president of the United States in his bald embrace of abortions when the gender of the preborn child is female.


I am equally flabbergasted that the mainstream media has taken it upon itself to ignore the Obama action, ignore the impact of discrimination against female preborn children and avoid any discussion of the effect this has on the national conscience.  Do the media no longer have an obligation to inform and report on matters of a grave and serious nature?


Since when is it news that the cartoon figure the Green Lantern is a homosexual but not news when the president of the United States supports the killing of female children?


To my mind the standards of ethics and morality have completely departed from the news business, and in the wake of this unfortunate situation we are left with a citizenry uninformed, unfamiliar with the facts and therefore unable to make sound decisions.  When the diet of lies becomes the 24/7 menu fed to the public because the press has chosen to act in such an irresponsible manner, what can anyone expect?


Yes, the president is arrogant and morally wrong in what he has done.  But in the vacuum of alleged news who will know about it?


God help America!"


How did your representative vote?  

  • YES: 226 Republicans and 20 Democrats (Altmire, Barrow, Boren, Cooper, Costello, Critz, Cuellar, Donnelly, Garamendi, Holden, Kissell, Lipinksi, Lynch, Matheson, McIntyre, Peterson, Rahall, Reyes, Ross of AR, and Shuler)
  • NO: 161 Democrats and 7 Republicans (Amash, Bass of NH, Bono Mack, Dold, Hanna, Hayworth, and Paul)
  • Absent: 8 Republicans (Burton, Fortenberry, Guinta, Lewis of CA, Mack, McCarthy of CA, Roby, and Young of FL) and 9 Democrats (Chandler, Doyle, Ellison, Heinrich, Napolitano, Pascrell, Rangel, Slaughter and Velazquez

246 Yes
168 No

(2/3 majority was required for passage.)


226 Yes
7 No


20 Yes
161 No