New Topeka police standards to initiate martial law

03/30/2015 08:05

by Allen Williams


The city of Topeka, Kansas is initiating a new police policy for all motor vehicles stopped requiring occupants to raise their hands. "Drivers as well as their passengers in Topeka Kansas will soon be subject to a new policy requiring everyone to put their hands up during police stops... "First of all, this policy was not approved by the taxpayers. No citizens got to vote on its implementation, and it is going to be enforced with potentially deadly force. Secondly, it treats ALL parties stopped by police as criminals. What if a passenger in the vehicle is paralyzed, or temporarily disabled and they cannot raise their hands? Is this an immediate death sentence? Probably. It has been precisely that outcome for Jarame Reid, John Geer and others.

 Reid was pulled over for routinely running a stop sign by two New Jersey police. He had a pistol in the glove compartment but no weapon on him.  A police dash cam captured the gruesome events. Reid is heard to say, "I'm not reaching for nothing. I ain't got no reason to reach for nothing. I'm getting out and on the ground." As he attempts to exit the vehicle he is shot to death by both officers. His dead body was handcuffed lying in the street. 


Police killings of unarmed individuals are not exclusively confined to blacks. John B. Geer, a white man, was shot to death with his hands up by police responding to a domestic dispute at Geer's home, "police and prosecutors have declined to comment on the case for 17 months. But Friday night, under a court order obtained by lawyers for the Geer family, Fairfax released more than 11,000 pages of documents that shed new light on the police shooting. The other officers contradicted Torres’s story, all agreeing that Geer had his hands above his shoulders, did not move them to his waist and was unarmed when he was shot..".

Then there's the case of the Texas Cop who Shot a Suspect 41 Times while Police confiscated the cellphone with photos of the entire event.


The public may expect the same scenarios experienced by Reid and Geer repeated many times over whenever Topeka police find concealed weapons in vehicles they have stopped, even if a new Kansas concealed carry law proposed is passed, that doesn't require a concealed weapons permit. It's doubtful that police would bother to ask a detainee if he had a permit as the mere presence of a gun seems to be sufficient justification for killing its owner. The second amendment is as alien to many police as a trip to Mars. But, even if you don't have a firearm handy, you could still wind up dead holding your cellphone, as police either aren't capable of recognizing that a cellphone camera must be aimed to capture meaningful pictures or they don't want you to photograph what they're doing. "For five miles Shreveport police chased a suspected drunk driver who was weaving in and out of traffic. Police videotape showed the suspect finally getting out of his car and pointing a shiny chrome object in what police took to be a shooter's stance. Shots were fired, and 25-year-old Marquise Hudspeth was killed; shot eight times in the back."  Personally, I'm at a loss to see how a cellphone (even if mistaken for a gun) is a life threatening event with one's back to the police. And, while I'm no gun expert, I recall a shooter's stance FACES THE OPPONENT.   


The driver who is identified as  Jerame Reid says, “I’m not reaching for nothing. I ain’t got no reason to reach for nothing.  I’m getting out and getting on the ground.”  As he attempts to exit of the car with hands up, he is shot with at least 6 bullets by both officers. - See more at:

So, what's likely some of the underlying reasons behind these murders? Could they be political? Has America crossed the line into political assassination? To answer that question we need to take a look at some of the federal government's directives.  Homeland Security and other federal agencies have published a number of remarkable propaganda narratives equating citizens who disagree with government policies as 'subversives'. InfoWar s reports: "The document reveals how local police departments are bending to the domestic extremist narrative promulgated by the FBI and the SPLC, which demonizes nearly all citizens who peacefully challenge laws as dangerous, cop-hating “sovereign” revolutionaries hellbent on anarchy.  In this case, the Infowars technician’s challenge of the improper application of traffic laws, a simple, non-violent challenge within the court system, prompted local authorities to inappropriately brand him a “sovereign citizen,” considered by the FBI to be one of the “nation’s top domestic terror threats,” according to CBS News.  That is precisely the kind of metadata that can get you killed when stopped by police. What better way of disposing of political threats, than getting the police to eliminate them for you by coding dangerous descriptors in their arrest file. If this isn't currently done, it likely soon will be, because there's no valid reason to have such descriptors in a misdemeanor arrest record.


Whether Reid, Geer or others were considered political adversaries by local police or not cannot be known from the published reports. But the road to totalitarian rule seldom allows its objectives to be fully known until it's too late. It seems far more likely that  the federal government is bent on starting a citizen war against the police, then responding by imposing martial law nationwide. Could you think of a better way for government to tighten its authoritarian grip on its citizens? And at the same time marginalize political opposition by branding dissent as criminal activity?


The New Topeka police standards are a deceptive means of initiating martial law under the guise of 'safety'.  It appears Topeka, Kansas police policies are really directed at the general public in response to federal government 'domestic terrorist' narratives rather than officer safety. You don't have to outlaw guns, you simply label the gun owner as a terrorist and kill him for having the temerity to possess one.  It's expected that other Kansas cities such as Overland Park and Wichita will be watching Topeka's new police standards with interest to see if they fly. And if so, expect it to go statewide. 

Kansas Police do not have the constitutional or legal authority to treat the general public as criminals; these policies need to be challenged immediately in federal court under the 4th and 14th amendments.  A fascist Topeka police force is obviously running the show.

America is slowly and methodically being turned into a brutal police state. It's become obvious that under the Obama administration, America's police are out of control.


Perhaps, a new mayor and police chief in Topeka could go a long way towards defusing the angst.