FBI Director Comey - Traitor, Maybe Not

07/11/2016 09:37

by Wayne Flaherty


Now, dear reader, I ask you to suspend everything you think you know about FBI Director James Comey and his decision to not recommend indicting Hillary Clinton. Empty your mind and let me take you in a completely different direction.


Think about what prisoners of war do when they are in the clutches of the enemy and are forced to appear in public. They try to find ways to get the real message to their friends outside. They find the most ingenious ways to get their real message out while pretending to go along with their captors. The crew of the Pueblo (of North Korean fame) displayed a well known obscene gesture and got away with it for a while by telling their captors it was the Hawaiian Peace Symbol. Others have blinked out coded messages revealing the truth.


Who really knows what sort of pressure was put on James Comey. It could have been anything, including political pressure or death threats to his family. It could have been a threat to expose him through a phony sex scandal that would destroy his marriage. It could have been a promise of ten million dollars, escape to a small island in the Caribbean, and immunity from any prosecution. It could have been any combination of the above.


Now, dear reader, What would you do? Remember, Comey is no fool. He is an attorney of considerable repute. Now, suppose he found a way to not indict Hillary and yet convict her with her own words. Suppose he could say to his captor, "I did what you said. I recommended no indictment." Suppose he also found a way to leave Hillary under the gun. Try this on for size. Comey comes on stage and for fourteen minutes he throws the book at Hillary, pointing out every lie she told with proof from the records. For fourteen minutes he skewers Hillary with her own words. For fourteen minutes he provides her enemies with more cannon fodder than they could collect in a year. Then he takes the last few seconds of his presentation to make the absolutely most absurd statement possible, "We see no reason to indict Hillary."


What's the result? He saves his own hide and yet he leaves Hillary worse off than before. Now the public is firmly convinced that the system is truly rigged. It is more corrupt then they had suspected. Comey may have to bow to some Washington pressure but that will pass. I hope down deep in my heart of hearts that James Comey is, in fact, a true hero. Then, maybe he is really just another Washington bureaucrat knuckling under to peer pressure. 

You decide - I'm still thinking about it.