DOJ, IRS secretly probing Koch Brothers for Democrats

11/12/2014 11:00
by Jim Kouri

In the midst of the ongoing investigation of the alleged Internal Revenue Services (IRS) and Department of Justice (DOJ) collusion in targeting conservative and Tea Party organizations for added scrutiny when applying for tax-exempt status, a source in one of the DOJ’s law enforcement agencies claims the IRS and DOJ are both probing the finances of members of one of the nation’s wealthiest families. Their alleged crime? Financially supporting what are considered conservative causes and Republican organizations. 
To many Americans who follow the political scene in the U.S., not a day goes by without some Democrat or liberal-left pundit throwing out the name “Koch Brothers” as if it’s a proven fact that they are criminal conspirators of sorts. But according to a law enforcement source who contacted the Examiner, Democrat lawmakers – many of whom are the same Senators and House members who pushed for the IRS to target groups such as True the Vote – have secretly contacted both IRS and DOJ officials to scrutinize the philanthropic activities of the two multi-billionaires
Thanks to soon-to-be-former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the Democratic Party alone spent millions of dollars insinuating illegal ties between Republicans and the ultra-wealthy Charles and David Koch. The strategy of vilifying to two men is even starting to bother some Democrats especially when Sen. Reid told friendly news media outlets that even after his party’s drubbing he planned to continue his pursuit of exposing the evil Koch (pronounced coke) brothers, Charles and David.
In one of the most hypocritical moves, David Brock who runs the left-wing web site Media Matters, has openly said he was going to pursue the Koch’s spending into the 2016 election. This exercise in hypocrisy seems lost on the Democrats since Media Matters would cease to exist without the deep pockets of multi-billionaire and Republican-hater George Soros.
In addition, far-left organizations run by billionaire Tom Steyer has been quoted as saying he would turn the name Koch into a synonym for Satan as they move closer to the next presidential election. “These people do not want to give up the White House. Not now… not ever,” said former police detective, now political advisor, James Monahan. “The left sees this as an opportunity to shutdown debate when cornered by facts just by invoking the name ‘Koch Brothers.” Monahan added, “Koch Brothers are the new Halliburton, even though the average Democrat has no idea what Halliburton means.
{My comment--the "average" Democrat is like the "average" Catholic--they don't know what ANYTHING "means"--they just obey}
According to several media reports, the Kochs are considered a conservative force who used the tactics employed for years by the political left. They created a group, Freedom Partners, to support conservative of libertarian organizations and causes and founded the well-known Americans for Prosperity. They are being credited with bringing down Colorado’s Mark Udall despite his family name being synonymous with Colorado politics. Koch funded political ads successfully linked Udall to President Barack Obama despite Senator Udall’s attempt as distancing himself from Obama and Obamacare.
Unable to stop the Kochs politically, it appears that now the Democrats, who still run the Senate under Harry Reid, and the White House are attempting to stop them using the federal criminal justice system. According to the Examiner source, the IRS is scouring the Koch family’s personal finances and those of their business and philanthropic financial records. “The only way to beat these politically-motivated government agencies if to make sure you’re squeaky clean, and even then you better have an army of lawyers in the wings ready to protect you,” said former Det. Monahan.

{my Comment--what happened to LAWS????}



Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country. The article first appeared here.


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