American Fascism Growing in Kansas

03/05/2014 11:20

by Administrator


Once again we have Big Brother government intruding into the private lives of citizens as the drum beat continues for more gay anti-discrimination laws. But precisely what is discrimination?  Well, whenever a non-government source seeks to deny services, such as baking a cake for a lifestyle to which they don't aspire or photographing a wedding to which they don't approve, or renting their property for a wedding with which they don't agree, it's defined as discrimination by the powers that be.


But when government discriminates, it's always good, no matter who suffers. Some recent examples are dictating property look, condition and style by city inspectors (primarily in low tax rate areas), granting special parking privileges for members of a private golf club close to city hall (to the exclusion of others), preventing smokers from smoking in public places, and condemning property so a speedway could be built via the auspices of the International Council on Local Environmental Issues (I.C.L.E.I). It is government fascism that seeks to overturn the will of the people in its arbitrary invention of 'discrimination'.

In it's more virulent form 'anti-discrimination' ordinances are actually a tool to wrest government out of the hands of the people.  It's a clever means of creating an 'expert' supervisory body over the public, in the interest of fairness of course, in order to approve or disapprove of selections made by the people, using the concepts of 'public safety' and 'a greater social good' to abrogate guaranteed constitutional rights.

The charge of discrimination is most often predicated on some sort of 'scientific' study to justify whatever change is desired.  American society is full of examples of how this tool has been used to force unwanted change from evolution to environmental testing to gay rights to health care and now euthanasia on demand.  None of these artificial constructs were part of the country's founding ideology.  America's descent into fascism has occurred with breathtaking speed.


When government dictates to business, churches and political organizations what they must do as a condition of living in the country, then you are ruled by fascism.  Fascism intrudes its ugly will in every aspect of society, seeking to forge a great egalitarian culture where the majority of citizens must sacrifice their beliefs and values as the price of citizenship in a new world order. And make no mistake about it, that's precisely what this battle involves.

There is no provision in either the federal or the Kansas constitution that grants special protected status to gays or anyone else.  This notion flies directly in the face of the 14th Amendment. There is NO right to sodomy, it was artificially created by the Supreme Court's Lawrence v Texas decision.  Apparently, the courts believe that each judicial decision is in itself an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  But, there is no constitutional article or amendment that gives judges, federal or otherwise the authority to dictate to Americans what they must do in order to be good citizens.  This judicial chicanery has been promoted by an internationalist band of brigands hell bent on transforming America into something it isn't.  Debt is the driving force behind the politician's efforts to make America into another Europe under Roman style law.

According to FOX News, Overland Park is the latest city in Kansas to consider an anti-discrimination law similar to what the city of Lawrence has.  LJ WORLD reports: "The [Legislative] debate highlights an uncertain legal climate for Kansas' constitutional ban on same-sex marriages, since federal judges recently struck down bans in Utah and Oklahoma. Kansas falls under the same federal appeals court as those two states. Backers of the House bill are skeptical the 2013 law provides adequate legal protections for churches, bakers, florists and photographers who don't want anything to do with gay weddings."  The answer is that any statue that grants partial recognition to gays will be attacked as discriminatory.  There will be NO protection for anyone who opposes the homosexual agenda.


Of course,  Overland Park and other Kansas municipalities don't regard the public education system teaching your child how to 'come out' as a transgender as discriminatory because it's regarded as 'a greater social good'.  Neither do they believe that teaching you r child the details of anal sex as is done now at Hocker Grove Middle school  in the Shawnee Mission School District is discriminatory because 'it's education' and we all know how that label transcends reality.  But, how about those who practice bestiality, aren't they being discriminated against?

If you're planning on coming to Kansas better learn how to goose step.