Amendment passed to Halt Justice Dept from Undermining DOMA

05/17/2012 09:50

by Congressman Tim Huelskamp


(WASHINGTON) – On Wednesday night the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan amendment offered by Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas to prohibit the Administration from using any federal funds to undermine or bring suit against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or state constitutional amendments protecting traditional marriage. The amendment was included in the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations bill and passed by a vote of 245-171. Congressman Huelskamp offered the amendment because the Department of Justice has refused to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. Last year, Congressman Huelskamp and 43 of his colleagues sent a letter to President Obama expressing their disapproval of the Justice Department action. Additionally, on Wednesday afternoon, President Obama announced that his position on same-sex marriage has fully "evolved" into full support.



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Congressman Huelskamp’s floor statement


“President Obama and the entire Executive Branch are supposed to enforce the laws, not write or erase them,” Congressman Huelskamp said. “It is not President Obama's prerogative to decide which laws matter and which do not, nor his right to challenge constitutional amendments duly passed by the various States. The Justice Department is duty-bound to enforce DOMA and to not do so is a flagrant disregard for the Constitution and for the rule of law. The Justice Department does not exist to fulfill campaign promises - nor promote a radical agenda. Most importantly, Congress showed tonight it will not stand idly by while the Executive Branch picks and chooses which laws it wants to enforce and which ones it wants to ignore.”




Congressman Tim Huelskamp is a freshman representing the First District of Kansas.  He serves on the House Budget,

Agriculture, and Veterans’ Affairs Committees, and he is a member of the House Republican Study Committee.