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Somebody is Listening

Date: 08/16/2016 | By: WEF

For some time now, I have been sending selected emails to everyone at FOX NEWS. I did this because I thought I had something to say that they needed to hear. I have never received any acknowledgement that they were even getting my emails, let alone reading them. Last night I received confirmation that at least my emails were being read.

In one of my emails I referred to Bill and Hillary Clinton as the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. Last night, on her FOX show, Justice Jeanine Pirro referred to Bill and Hillary Clinton as the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics. So, I concluded that someone at FOX is reading my emails.

I encourage everyone to send out your message to any and all you hope will get the word, your word. You never know when somebody is listening.

Trump Finally Says It..

Date: 08/14/2016 | By: TN

I buy my own health insurance and have since 2003. Obamacare is the worst. You cannot buy from whom you want. I use to have a basic policy with $1500 deductible now I have a policy with a $6500 deductible at twice the price. I'm paying for services that I don't need or want.

The hospitals closest to me are St. Joe Medical and St.Lukes. They have the most expensive policies; the cheapest policies are for Liberty Hospital, KU and Shawnee Mission. This makes no sense except it appears to be rigged to force you to pay more. You have to forecast your income to get a subsidy.

That's because(the geniuses in Washington) can't forecast the jobs numbers they keep revising for previous months but expect average citizens to forecast their income and if they are not right they get penalized. I could continue on healthcare.

Gas prices: Let's think who said Drill baby Drill? Sarah Palin(I'm no fan but just the facts). Who is against building the pipeline from Canada to the gulf. This is to protect Warren Buffet and his BNSF railroad which is the main hauler of oil.

The hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and only this year did we get to see the redacted pages of 9/11 report.

Bush was wrong to invade Iraq but Hillary was for it.
Bush did not draw red lines in Syria. Hillary and Obama did and then did not do anything. Libya is another nation building project for Hillary and Obama. How is that working out?

Yes. Jobs were leaving. It was called Nafta and then there was the Asian trade agreement. Now there is the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP), which is worse. If these trade pacts were bad for the middle class in the US, why do we continue? Because they are good for the 1% class. Most countries demand local content to protect their citizens but for some reason the US does not. Trade agreements are about profits not jobs.

The stock market is up today and almost all analysts say it is very overpriced. The markets are up because companies have been buying back shares to reduce shares outstanding. Earnings and sales are not growing. Until the 1980's you could not buy shares.

Home ownership is at a 50 year low. More people are renting.

One final question? If the economy is so GREAT, Why can't we raise interest rates back to pre great recession levels? Lets say 3 percent.

I'm not a democrat or republican. I like to sit and laugh at the disaster that is unfolding because Americans have been living above their means and have been putting it on the federal governments credit card for the last 15 years and the bills are about to come due.

I'm personally not going to lose any sleep over who wins or loses the election.

Clinton & Soros behind Libya

Date: 07/28/2016 | By: PW

I actually believe that it is more Clinton than Obama. Soros is the money behind her and he is all in. Both Clinton and Soros had much to gain form Libya, She has been his puppet from day one. On the other hand I would sooner believe that our Islamic Marxist is more in tune to the money from Saudi Arabia that put him in office in the first place. Is he a puppet of the globalist? Of course, but he is Islamic first, globalist second.
Clinton sells to the highest bidder and the Marxist sells to the Islamic radicals.

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