Democrat Dirty Tricks to Discredit Trump

Date: 10/25/2016 | By: DY

Did you know that Donald Trump was a democrat party member when he made the comments about women published by the democrats last Friday? Doesn't anything/everything go in the satanic democrat party? He was a democrat at that time; what do you expect?!

Trump joined the democrat party in 2001 and changed to the republican party in 2009 according to Programmer published on the network. Why blame Trump; what about his then party?

Get over it and look at the real problems if a democrat is elected in November: Open borders, trashed Supreme Court, damage to the Constitution, continued economic failure, continued obama care, higher taxes, deficit spending into bankruptcy, continued downsizing of our military, increased welfare, etc. Probably the most significant is the Supreme Court picks the next president will do.

Forget the hole; look at the doughnut!!

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