Bill Warner on the Facts of Islam... In english with german subtitles

Social Media Supports Islam


Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After ‘Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live’

Dearborn Michigan....A New Islamist Oasis

First hand account of what Obama and the Globalists have done to reshape America into an Islamic country.  See what has happened to Dearborn, Michigan.

Islam - The 'Peaceful Religion'

President of Mosque Linked to World Trade Center Bombing Orders Erasure of 9/11 College Memorial

As Lauren Cooley at Red Alert Politics points out, Shehadeh Abdelkarim is the President of the Islamic Center of Cleveland.  The Islamic Center of Cleveland had its own controversial past. On June 18, 2004, Fawaz Damrah, then imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, was convicted of unlawfully obtaining his United States citizenship through a false or fraudulent application. [1] Damrah concealed from the INS his membership in and/or affiliation with: (1) Afghan Refugees Services, Inc., aka Al-Kifah Refugee Center; (2)...MORE

Judge: Pakistani Gang’s Rape of White Girls Not Racist

Muslim Doctor Busted for Female Genital Mutilation in Detroit

It's another glorious first for our multicultural tapestry. It's right up there with the Muslim Ms Marvel. Except it's real life.

Jumana Fakhruddin Nagarwala has become the first person arrested in America for female genital mutilation. Unsurprisingly this has happened in an area with a high concentration of Muslims. And even more predictably, the media is carefully avoiding the "I" word.   Jumana Nagarwala, an emergency room physician at Henry Ford Hospital, was arrested today for allegedly performing the procedure on victims between the ages of six and eight.

Nagarwala, a 44-year-old graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s medical school, performed the genital mutilation surgery at a medical clinic in Livonia, a Detroit suburb. Nagarwala, investigators allege, does not work at the clinic “and there is no record of her billing for medical procedures there.”..MORE

Five ‘Arab migrants’ gang-rape little girl, SEVEN, at refugee centre

Muslim migrant ‘sexually assaults mother-of-two as she pushes young children in stroller’

Germany: Pakistani Man Sexually Assaults 6-Year-Old Girl, Gets Light Sentence

Barbaric predator "didn't care" how young his victim was


Muslim "migrant" anally rapes 13 year old girl; gets 2 months in jail

“Nice legs”: Home video reveals creepy relationship Texas teen sisters had with Muslim father who murdered them in honor killing



Washington Post Buries Fact that Gruesome Slashing Killer is Illegal Alien


Muslim Migrants Force Child to Perform ‘Sex Acts’ at Swimming Pool in Germany


ISIS Beheads 14-yr-old boy in front of Parents for Missing Prayers

Scroll down until you see the list of terror attacks in chart form that have happened this year at:

Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes: A History

The UK is also home to one of the most notorious Muslim-led sex ring scandals: in Rotherham and elsewhere, thousands of young native British girls have been systematically groomed, trafficked, beaten and sexually abused by Muslims—even as the “multiculturalist” authorities and police stood by and watched. (For more on the UK scandal and Islamic law on sex slavery click here). 

Fundamentally transforming America has commenced, towards Shia Sharia Law and everything that comes with it – compliments of Barack Obama's nuclear deal with the president and the mullahs of Iran


Following the Koran: Florida CAIR Pedophile Out On Bail

Muslim Suspect Arrested in Gang-Rape of 72 Year-Old Indian Nun


Islamic Sexuality: A Survey For Evil


Australian Teacher Quits After Islamic Students Threaten to Behead Her


We have a big debate going on in our country right now over the religion of Islam. There is a lot of things that seem to be sexual perversion out of the Qur’an. Is Islam a survey of evil and sexual perversion?

One Imam in Des Moines, Iowa, is protesting that he was arrested for sexually assaulting a 40-year-old and a teenager saying that his right to molest the women was protected under the first amendment because it prevents him from his freedom to be a sexual pervert under his religion.