The top articles for 2014 were The Clinton-Mezvinski-Soros Connection with 34,784 reads; then 52,216 reads and now 281,279 reads, Fast and Furious - Eric Holder Tied to OKC Bombers?' with 1165 reads and Police Department, Thy Name is Malivestment with 1082 reads.  The Mal investment article has subsequently accrued over 1949 reads.



KCP&L Smart Grid not a Good Plan for Consumers

Wind Production Tax Credit is Corporate Welfare


Congress Set to ...Drumroll...Increase Military Spending

Welcome to 21st Century Ponzi Scheme - Bitcoin



Buying Babies: The Rise of Surrogacy In The U.S. 

Fast and Furious I - Eric Holder Tied to OKC Bombers?

 Kangaroo court' convicts pro-life activist for holding sign on sidewalk


Police Department, Thy Name is Malinvestment



Just-Discovered Letter Shows Margaret Sanger Was Part of Euthanasia Society


The Clinton - Mezvinksai - Soros Connection

CRIMINALS (rule the global govt)

Muslims (implementing the globalist Agenda)

ILLEGALS..(defining the new economic order)

TERRORISM.  (a tool of submission to the NWO) 


The H+ Shift of Google (Part 4/4 TRANSHUMANIST Shift)



Looking For a VOIP Router..forget Netgear